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Serving Families and Children in Marin County and Bay Area

Are you at your ‘wits end’ because your child refuses to go to school? Your child may be dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma and the list goes on and on about why he/she does not or cannot attend school. Well, you are not alone. Many parents never envisioned that they would be dealing with a child refusing to go to school. Parents have tried incentives, bribery, punishments and so forth with possibly limited success; and actually, how plans are put together will or may include various measures. Unfortunately, if your child does not have an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP ) specifically offering support for the student to be able to get to school, then you have probably run into a number of roadblocks. You may also have threatened your child with probation or been told by well-meaning people that probation can be involved in getting your child to school. Probation cannot often get involved simply because of school refusal unless your student is already on probation; the threat of probation involvement often does not yield the results that parents want, which is for their child to go to school. As a note, it is important to mention that for students who have probation involvement, we have seen school attendance improve.

If the above statement describes anything similar that you have experienced, then we may be able to provide support in helping get your child to school. While every child is different, we believe that it is important to understand what the underlying problems and internal difficulties are. Simply telling your child/student to go to school when he/she has not gone to school consistently or simply threatening your child without trying to understand why he/she is not going can be a very frustrating matter when the situation does not change. While your ultimate goal as a parent may be to see your child graduate from high school, the initial short term and possibly long term goal is to get your child to attend school on a consistent basis, preferably, every day. While we do not guarantee results, we do give our best efforts in supporting families in getting their child to school.

Services we provide through the IEP or through private pay

  • Consultation with the parent (phone and in person)

  • Consultation and Coordination with the school

  • Behavioral planning and implementation

  • Wrap Around Support

  • In Home Support in the morning to support students in getting to school

  • Support in taking the student to and from school initially

  • Mentoring support

  • Therapeutic support

  • Team and family planning meetings

The Family Network Solution

Choose from two models of support
Family Conferencing & Wraparound. Both approaches center around our special team decision making model. See how it works.

Both models share these essential principles.

 Family ConferencingWraparound
Frequency of MeetingsMonthly*Weekly or Bi-weekly
Backstage SupportCFRP coordinates scheduling and offers advice to team members who need coaching on how to work with the team. You can add additional hours of back-stage support if you’d like.CFRP provides full scope team support and team coordination.
Family treatment and support servicesYou choose, hire and pay service providers yourself.Services are bundled: we will help you select the services you want; you may also pay for the service providers you want or pay for the providers you may already be working with.