A family-driven, team-based treatment model based on 10 Essential Principles:

At CFRP, we offer wraparound team services to

  • Families with children at high risk of incarceration;
  • Families with children with emotional and behavioral disorders;
  • Families with children returning home from residential treatment;
  • Vulnerable seniors who need extra support to remain in their homes or with a family member;
  • Adults with mental or physical disabilities that jeopardize their ability to live independently;

What does wraparound involve?

  • A team of family members, friends and service providers you select;
  • A comprehensive assessment of how your family is doing across all domains of your life;
  • Comprehensive and coordinated support and therapeutic services;
  • Crisis and safety contingency plans;
  • Respite for caregivers;
  • Facilitated team meetings;
  • Plans that are based on your preferences, strengths, risk-factors, needs and priorities.
The Center for Restorative Practice