“Fiscal Year 2003-2004″



During the Fiscal Year, which ended June 30, 2004, fifty-four (54) families were served with a total of 111 children.  Seventy (70) of the children were considered to be “focus” children or those who were identified as at-risk of out of home placement.

More restrictive placements were avoided for 95.7% of focus children served.

Of the 54 families served, 15 were referred by Mental Health, 23 by Social Services, and 16 by Juvenile Probation.  Twenty-four of the families, or 44%, were involved with two or more of these three County agencies at the time of referral.

All families served by the YPP participated in the Coordinated Youth Services Council “Family Network” collaborative, facilitated process.  Each Family Network team meets in order to determine goals and action steps and to monitor progress.  Through this process, a wide variety of services were identified and provided through the YPP.  Respite care, tutoring, parent training, anger management, extraordinary basic needs expenses, substance abuse treatment, therapy, extra-curricular activities and mentoring are examples of services which were provided through the Youth Pilot Program.

The cost of the services provided to the 54 families from July 1, 2003
through June 30, 2004 was 28% of the projected placement cost.

If the 70 focus children had been placed out of home or at higher levels of care the cost of placements were projected to have been $1,212,519.

The ethnic distribution of youth and children served by the YPP was collected on the YPP intake form.  The client stated description of their ethnicity was as follows:

African-American (27%)
Hispanic (23%)
White (excluding Hispanic origin) (37 %)
Multi-Ethnic (13%)

The distribution of annual family income at intake was as follows:

Below $15,000 (37%)

$16,000 to $20,000 (13%)

$21,000 to $25,000 (13%)

$26,000 to $30,000 (6%)

$31,000 to $35,000 (0%)

$36,000 to $40,000 (7%)

$41,000 to $45,000 (0%)

$46,000 and over (4%)
Unknown (20%)


During the year, a total of 275 Family Network meetings were held.  Representatives from 68 different public and private agencies and other service providers attended meetings, 140 individuals identified as family members, extended family and friends attended the meetings.

During the 12 month period 19 families ended service.  Reasons for closure were the following:

Successful Completion (8)

Placed by CMH (1)

Placed by CPS (1)

CPS closed case–parent contested continued services (1)

Parent did not follow through (3)

Focus child graduated from high school (1)

Placed by parent (1)

Moved, goals partially complete (2)
Parent closed, pursuing placement through Regional Center (1)

The Center for Restorative Practice