How It Works

Family Network Conferencing and Wraparound services get results by taking what works in other approaches, eliminating what doesn’t work and adding a special ingredient.

Here are the key components:

1. Family Centered Approach

There are many ways of treating family problems, but putting the family at the center of the service and at the head of the planning is proven most effective in the long run. So Family Network works with families, rather than individual members. In Family Network, it’s the family, with input from professionals, calling the shots.

2. Integrated Services

Sometimes it takes not one but many kinds of services to get to the bottom and solve a problem. Therapy, education, behavioral mentoring and an infinite array of others work best when they work in concert with each other.

3. Customized Service Packages

Every child/teen is unique and every family is different. Other programs, such as residential treatment, are often limited to the services they have on hand. Family Network seeks to coordinate and support the family in trying to find the services that they feel they need. One family may not need support outside of the team that they may be working with. Another family might need several providers with different specialties.

4. Focus On Results

Your situation is complex and family treatment is not an exact science. Sometimes you have to try a few different things in order to dial in the right mix of services, providers and action plans. Family Network teams keep their eye on the prize. We help you and your team measure the results you see and make decisions about how to change the plan or the service mix if need be. Our “Network of Accountibility and “Signs of Success” help teams achieve the results you need.

5. The Special Ingredient: Your Team Meetings

What makes the whole thing come together and work in a way that is truly unique are the specially facilitated team meetings. You, your chosen family members and friends and your professional providers come together and engage in a creative thinking and problem solving process that is unlike any other “family meeting” you may have experienced. Our facilitators are experts at helping different people with different ideas come together under times of difficulty and emerge with a plan that is better than anything one of them could have created alone. Over the course of implementing their plan, confronting difficulties and adapting to changes, this group becomes an island of support.

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