Principal Staff And Associates

Marcus Small

MS, MFT– Executive Director
415-491-0708 ext 0

Marcus is an ordained minister and a Marriage and Family Therapist with more than 20 years experience working in educational and case management settings with youth and families. Marcus has been a member of the national advisory council for the National Wraparound Index. Marcus became the Executive Director of CFRP August 1, 2008. Before this time, he served as Clinical and Associate Director of CFRP. He brings more than 20 years of experience working with high risk kids and families to his role in the Family Network project.  He also has a small private practice in Marin County where he works with children, teenagers, single adults, married couples and couples engaged to be married. He also provides consultation and facilitation for some local agencies in Marin and the Bay Area.

Courtney Swatta

Courtney is a psychologist in Marin County working with adults, children and their families with a broad range of difficulties. Courtney has worked with diverse populations in East Bay Counties as well as Marin County. Prior to joining Center for Restorative Practice, Courtney worked as a Mental Health Professional with the County of Marin on the Child Team as well as in concert with the Transitional Age Youth (TAY) program to link young adults to mental health services. In addition to working with the Center for Restorative Practice, she has a private practice in Marin working with parent(s) of school aged children, adolescents separated/divorced adults.

Dana Pepp

LCSW — Family Conference Facilitator Dana is a mental health consultant, therapist, facilitator and educator. She has worked with diverse populations in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Marin counties. Her work with children, adolescents and families includes therapy, program development, education and training. Dana is bilingual (Spanish) and facilitates Family Network meetings in Spanish and English.

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